How will the program run after the initial pilot year?

The Building Energy Efficiency Program is designed to help the City reach 2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. The program will have six cohorts. The initial pilot cohort will be the 2024 cohort. Members of this cohort will indicate interest by April 2024 and commit by submitting data by June 1, 2024.

The 2025 cohort and all subsequent annual cohorts will accept participants on a rolling basis. To be a part of an annual cohort the participant will need to submit data for the previous year by April 1 of the cohort year. For example, members of the 2025 cohort will submit 12 months of utility data which cover the calendar year of 2024 by April 1 of 2025.

Regardless of the cohort year the participant joined, the participant will be responsible for submitting data every year on or before April 1st. The last program deadline will be April 1, 2030 by which all cohorts will submit their 2029 utility data and the program is anticipated to close.

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1. What is the overall goal of the Building Energy Efficiency Program?
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19. How will the program run after the initial pilot year?
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