Is there a cost for public records?

Florida law authorizes municipalities to recoup their costs of providing public records. If the public record request requires more than fifteen (15) minutes of employee time (including the time to gather, copy, scan and/or print the requested documents, or redact information exempted by Florida Statutes, if necessary), the requester will be charged for that time at the lowest hourly rate of the class of employee(s) involved. For physical copies of requested documents, there will be a charge of $.15 per page for one-sided copies ($.20 per page for two-sided copies). If the City anticipates that there will be a significant cost to provide the requested public record, the City will provide an estimated cost for the public records. The requester must acknowledge the estimated costs and authorize the City to proceed before document production will begin. Once the request is complete, the requestor must pay the City before the documents will be provided.


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1. Is there a cost for public records?
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