Where can I park?

There is limited parking in the garages in Mizner Park. We encourage event attendees to carpool and use off site park and walk options from City Hall, which is located four blocks south west of Mizner Park from NE 2nd Street. For certain events, preferred, paid parking is available in the lot adjacent to the amphitheater and at the First United Methodist Church located on Mizner Blvd. Other parking options include limited on-street, metered parking in Mizner Park and valet service for those patronizing the shops and restaurants.

  • On-Street -  Metered on-street parking is also available.
  • Valet - Valet service is available next at Ipic, Max's Grille, and Ouzo Bay.
  • Paid Parking - Paid, preferred parking is available on concert nights in the lot adjacent to the amphitheater (cash only).
  • Free parking - is available just a short walk away at City Hall (201 W Palmetto)

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