Are there any rules regarding what reclaimed water should not be used for?
IRIS water is for irrigation and back-up fire protection. While accidental contact with IRIS water is safe, reclaimed water is not meant for drinking, cooking, bathing, swimming pools, hot tubs, pets, or indoor use.

Please treat IRIS as the valuable resource it is, and water only as much as necessary. And of course, we need to remind you of the many things that IRIS is not intended for, including:
-Body contact recreation, such as pools or spas, hot tubs, wading pools or children playing in sprinklers
-Connection to a dwelling unit for any purpose, including water cooled air conditioning
-Direct spray on "salad" crops (e.g., lettuce, tomatoes, berries)
-Use with a hose bibb
-Washing pets, equipment, structures (E.g., siding, roofs), driveways, or vehicles

Please call 561-338-7310 for more information.

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