Now that I have IRIS, what do I do?

-Please be prepared to allow authorized city employees to make periodic inspections
-Check your water heater to be sure that it has a properly functioning relief valve to prevent build-up of pressure
-Please check with a licensed plumber if you have questions
-Adjust your irrigation heads to eliminate over spraying on non-turf areas

Once your in-ground sprinkler system is officially hooked up to reclaimed water, you can irrigate any time that you wish, without having to worry about watering restrictions. Please call 561-338-7310 for more information.

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1. What is Project IRIS?
2. What is reclaimed water?
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9. Now that I have IRIS, what do I do?
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15. Why do or will I have a purple meter box?
16. How can I be sure that IRIS is helping the City to conserve drinking water?
17. How can I learn more about Project IRIS?