Why does reclaimed water for irrigation make sense?
In the past, this highly treated wastewater has been essentially 'thrown away' by discharging it into the ocean. Yet, studies showed us that the typical Boca Raton customer poured as much as 70% of their drinking water each month onto lawns and landscaping. reclaimed water is a way to conserve a valuable resource by reducing the amount of drinking water used as irrigation, and the IRIS program offers other benefits to customers at the same time. Please call 561-338-7310 for more information.

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1. What is Project IRIS?
2. What is reclaimed water?
3. What is the cost of reclaimed water?
4. What are the typical costs for a single-family hook-ups?
5. What are the typical costs for a multi-family hook-ups?
6. Why does reclaimed water for irrigation make sense?
7. Is reclaimed water safe? Who else is doing this?
8. How can I get reclaimed water service?
9. Now that I have IRIS, what do I do?
10. Are there irrigation time restrictions for the use of reclaimed water?
11. Is there an unlimited supply of reclaimed water?
12. Are there any rules regarding what reclaimed water should not be used for?
13. Are residents required to connect to the IRIS system?
14. Should/can reclaimed water be used for edible plants?
15. Why do or will I have a purple meter box?
16. How can I be sure that IRIS is helping the City to conserve drinking water?
17. How can I learn more about Project IRIS?