When is a traffic signal installed?
Federal guidelines (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices - MUTCD) that establish minimum conditions under which a traffic signal installation should be considered are mandated by Florida Statutes. The MUTCD provides a process for maintaining agencies such as the City of Boca Raton to follow while investigating conditions and circumstances regarding the installation of a new traffic signal.

The MUTCD contains criteria, or warrants, that define the minimum requirements for volume of vehicular or pedestrian traffic that are used to define the need for and appropriateness of a particular traffic control device. Warrants should be viewed as guidelines, not as absolute values. However, if no warrants are met, a traffic signal will not be installed. Satisfaction of a warrant is not a guarantee that a traffic signal is needed. The MUTCD states that proper engineering judgment should be exercised in making the final determination. More details about traffic signals is provided in the Information Brochures section of Traffic Operations

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1. When is a traffic signal installed?
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