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Posted on: September 4, 2019

In-House Sanitation Services to Provide Best Quality for Boca Residents

City of Boca Raton sanitation truck picking up garbage container in residential neighborhood

With over 50 employees, the City’s Sanitation Division is arguably one of the hardest working crews in town. They are awake and on their routes before most people’s alarms have even gone off, and whether running extra routes to pick up vegetation and debris before a storm, or cleaning up and hauling away the damage after a storm, they do it with a sense of pride and keep Boca Raton beautiful and safe. It doesn’t take much imagination to envision what our lives would be like if garbage pick-up didn’t happen for a week or two.

After considering the possibility of contracting sanitation services to a private hauler earlier this year, the City Council recommitted its support for expanding sanitation services, that means new trucks, additional drivers and collectors, expanded maintenance and storage facilities and newer technology for safety and customer service.

As a result, there is a proposed rate increase for FY 2019-20, beginning October 1. Curbside residential collection will increase by $3.99 to $21.59 per month and multi-family dwelling units will increase from $2.42 to $13.07 per month. Residents will see these changes on their bi-monthly water bills.

Learn more about our the Sanitation Services Division.