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Cane Fu

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"Cane Fu" is a self-defense system consisting of mental and physical techniques to promote awareness, confidence, and health. Classes teach observation skills, confrontation avoidance, appropriate responses to suspicious persons and dangerous situations, and how to use a cane or walking stick for self-defense, if necessary. Cane fu promotes increased balance, mobility, strength, and confidence. Physical training consists of self-defense skills such as strikes, jabs, and blocks founded upon martial arts principals.


The course is FREE and held at the Police & Fire Training Facility at 6500 Congress Ave, Boca Raton. Please call 561-347-3938 with any questions, and to register for this course.

Open Sessions

  • Session Day(s) Times Dates Location Instructor Age Participants
  • Cane Fu Defense 1/16-3/6/19 6-wk course W 5:30 PM — 6:30 PM 1/16/2019 — 3/6/2019 6500 Congress Ave BOCA RATON, FL 33415 Friters/Galletta 18 and over 2 / 20 Register

    Registration for this session begins December 6, 2018 and ends January 15, 2019 12:00 AM.

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