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Audiobooks & eBooks: Available for instant streaming or temporary downloading to your computer and/or mobile device. No holds or wait lists, ever. Download or stream up to 8 titles per month (all formats). Get the app from iTunes or Google Play. For help, read our Hoopla FAQ (PDF). Not compatible with Internet Explorer.
Audiobooks & eBooks: Download audiobooks and eBooks to your computer and/or mobile device, or read eBooks instantly from your browser. Check out popular fiction and nonfiction titles for adults from bestselling authors as well as classic works and children's books. Get the app from iTunes or Google Play.
OverDrive for Kids


erDrive for Kids

Audiobooks & eBooks: Choose from a dedicated collection of OverDrive-powered content exclusively for kids, including popular titles from bestselling authors for juveniles. Download to your computer and/or mobile device from Kids eReading Room.
Tumblebook Library


eBooks only: This collection of animated, talking picture books which teach young children the joys of reading in a format they'll love. Enjoy books, games, puzzles!
Audiobooks only: Over 5,400 always-available digital audiobooks for all ages. Listen in your browser or get the app from iTunes or Google Play. Also offers online magazines, coloring books for adults, children’s magazines and Spanish-language titles. 

EBooks: EBSCOHost offers access to thousands of online eBooks, primarily nonfiction. Books are read on a computer screen.