Interlibrary Loan Guidelines

1.0 Borrowing Books From Other Libraries

1.1 Introduction

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service that supports the Mission of the Boca Raton Public Library (BRPL) whereby books, articles, and other materials that are not a part of the Library's collection are borrowed from other libraries to meet the needs of the BRPL patrons. The effective date of these Guidelines and Procedures is October 27, 2008.

1.2 Procedure

The ILL service is a privilege available to BRPL patrons who have a valid BRPL library card and have no charges on the card in excess of $10. A "Qualified Patron" may request materials through ILL by visiting the Information Desk at either the Downtown Library or the Spanish River Library, or by contacting the Instructional Services Department by telephone or by completing the form on the Library's website. A request for an ILL must include a complete bibliographic description of the item desired. The submission of an ILL request constitutes an agreement on the part of the Patron to pay any overdue charges, to pay for any charges for lost or damaged materials, to pay any processing charges, and to pay for any ILL charges imposed by the lending library. If, after a reasonable effort, a requested item cannot be obtained, the Patron will be notified that their request has been cancelled as unfilled. A Patron may resubmit a request for an unfilled item after the passage of 90 days of the time of the original request.

1.3 Types of Materials Available

Generally, only books and journal articles are available through ILL. No book or article may be obtained through ILL if such item is in the Library's collections, regardless of whether the item is checked out or is a part of the non-circulating collection. However, requests for materials in alternative formats or more recent editions may be requested.

In addition, the following materials are not available through ILL:
  • Microfilm
  • Audio and Video Materials
  • Computer Software
  • New materials that have been in publication for less than 6 months.
  • Materials available only from libraries outside of the United States.

1.4 Loan Period

The Loan Period for ILL materials is the Loan Period set by the lending library. The extension of loan periods for ILL materials is not allowed by most libraries. All ILL materials are subject to immediate recall by the lending library. In the event that an item is recalled by the lending library, the borrower will be notified and instructed to return the item to the BRPL immediately.

1.5 Overdue Charges

An overdue charge of $0.40 per day, up to a maximum of $20, shall be charged for any item not returned to the BRPL by the expiration of the Loan Period or for any recalled item. In the case of a recalled item, the Loan Period shall be deemed to have expired 48 hours after the borrower has been notified of the recall and directed to return the borrowed item. ILL is a privilege and a courtesy. BRPL cannot jeopardize its borrowing relations with other libraries by failing to abide by the conditions imposed by a lending library.

1.6 Lost or Damaged Materials

The Patron requesting an ILL is responsible for any lost or damaged materials and will be charged such amount as the lending library deems appropriate for the repair or replacement of the materials.

1.7 Copyright Laws

The BRPL reserves the right to refrain from any activity related to ILL that may constitute a violation of the provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law, the "CONTU" Guidelines, or any laws regarding the confidentiality of records.

1.8 Interlibrary Loan Code

The rules set forth in these Guidelines and Procedures and in the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States will govern all ILL transactions.

2.0 Lending Books to Other Libraries

The BRPL does not lend the following materials to other libraries through ILL:
  • Microfilm
  • Audio and Video Materials
  • Computer Software
  • New materials that have been held by the BRPL for less than 6 months
  • "14-Day Books"
  • Standardized Test Preparation Book
  • Noncirculating Books and Periodicals
The BRPL does not lend materials to libraries outside of the United States. Renewals are not available for materials loaned to other libraries.