Traffic Counts

The City collects traffic counts twice a year on select City, County and State roadways within the City limits of Boca Raton.  Counts are collected during the peak season (January-March) and off peak season (June-August) months.  The traffic counts are collected for multiple reasons:

  • Compare traffic fluctuations throughout the year
  • Conduct traffic studies and recommend roadways/intersection improvements
  • Identify problem areas
  • Monitor growth in the City
  • Provide counts to Palm Beach County to develop the semi-annual Traffic Count Map for use in administrating Traffic Performance Standards
Palm Beach County requires peak hour directional counts to meet Traffic Performance Standards.  The City of Boca Raton has adopted the Palm Beach County Traffic Performance Standards to measure for traffic concurrency within the City of Boca Raton. Please only use Palm Beach County approved traffic counts for these purposes.