Vegetative Waste

Vegetation Waste Definition

Vegetation consists of leaves, grass clippings, small shrubbery or bush cuttings, trees, branches, palm fronds, limbs, and trunks.

Collection Information

Vegetative waste is included in the curbside services and is collected once a week from the swale area or edge of pavement and must not be mixed with non-vegetative waste or bulk items. The collection day for vegetation is the same day as your current recycling day.

Vegetation can be placed curbside, either bundled and/or bagged (not in cans or any other storage bin). To avoid damage, do not place vegetative waste adjacent to a mailbox, utility pole, water/gas meter, on a storm drain, bicycle path, sprinkler head, near/under trees, cable/utility lines, or further than 6 feet from the paved edge of the street. In addition, vegetative waste should be placed a minimum of 5 feet away from other garbage containers.

To avoid damage, please do not place vegetative waste adjacent to a mailbox or utility pole nor a storm drain, water or gas meter, bicycle path, sprinkler head, or farther than 6 feet from the paved edge of the street.  Don't place on your driveway as damage could result from the collection equipment. The City is not responsible for damage or repairs to your driveway or any other property.

Utility / Power Line or Obstruction Notice

Any items placed under a utility/power line, tress, limbs, or any other obstruction, will not be collected.

Size Limitation

Vegetative waste such as tree trimmings and palm fronds cannot exceed 4 inches in diameter and 5 feet in length. Anything larger must be cut to guidelines or disposed of by the owner/tenant at the Solid Waste Authority’s disposal site. Call toll free 866-792-4636 for drop off locations and fees, or visit the Solid Waste Authority website.

Pay for Pickup Option

We continue to offer the “Pay for Pickup Option” which allows residents to make arrangements for bulk items or vegetative waste to be picked up on unscheduled collection days for a fee.  Only acceptable / non-hazardous materials can be collected using this option.


A minimum fee of $102 will be charged for items measuring up to 2 cubic yards (e.g., a washer and dryer). Anything over that will require an additional charge of $22.45 per cubic yard. For more information or to schedule a pickup, please contact our Sanitation Department at 561-416-3367.

Statement of Responsibility

As stated by our City’s code of ordinances, the city is not responsible for the removal of any vegetative waste or construction debris or any other waste generated or created by a private company of any kind.  This includes any material left at the curb by hired landscapers.