Garbage Collection & Containers

Garbage Collection

Garbage is collected twice a week.

Separate your garbage from vegetation and bulk items. Wrap or bag your household garbage and place it in your City-issued container for removal. Roll the container to the edge of the driveway or swale area, placing it as least five feet away from other containers.Your household garbage will not be collected if it is not in the City-issued container.

All materials shall be placed in the swale for collection no earlier than 7pm on the day prior to the scheduled collection day and not later than 7am on the scheduled collection day. All containers must be removed within 12 hours following collection. The City will not be responsible for clean up due to improper disposal of liquids, such as paint.

If you do not have a City-issued container or need an additional container, please contact our Sanitation Department for ordering and current pricing at 561-416-3367.

Learn more about Resident Collection Guidelines.


The City will provide each curbside resident with one city issued container at no cost. However, if a resident desires an additional container, there will be a one time charge of $46 for the 65 gallon container or $50 for the 95 gallon container. There will also be an additional fee of $6.75 per month, which will be included on your water bill. 

Overview of Typical Garbage Containers

Overview of garbage containers dimensions and load rating.
Description Approximate Dimensions (length by width by height) * Load Rating *
65 Gallon 28 inches by 26.5 inches by 40.5 inches
227 pounds
95 Gallon 33 inches by 28.5 inches by 45 inches
332 pounds
* These dimensions and load ratings are approximations only
A 65-gallon and 95-gallon green garbage container standing side by side, with signs indicating size