Independent Youth Associations (IYA)

  1. Baseball - Little League

    Understand how to participate in Little League through season and registration information.

  2. Basketball - Boca Hoops

    Find everything you need to participate in youth basketball leagues.

  3. Lacrosse - Boca Jets

    Peruse details about the youth lacrosse league including season and registration information.

  4. Soccer - SABR

    Locate details related to participating in IYA youth soccer leagues.

  5. Tackle Football/Cheer - East Boca Rec.

    Browse useful information for participating in the East Boca Tackle Football Recreational.

  6. Tackle Football/Cheer - Pop Warner

    Get all the details necessary for participation in the Pop Warner Football - Cheerleading program.

  7. Tackle Football/Cheer - Boca Jets

    View resources necessary for participation in the Tackle Football / Cheerleading program.

  8. Girls Softball

    Read up on all the necessary information for participation in the youth softball program.