Athletic Field and Facility Information 

Field Permit

The fees below will be charged for issuing a permit for any adult group (and in certain circumstances, youth groups) requesting usage of a Recreation Services Department operated field/facility.


  1. Fields are closed M-F from 7:00am - 2:30pm to allow staff to perform field maintenance.
  2. Fields are available to the public for open play, on a first come first serve basis, (permit not needed) UNLESS: 
    • exclusive use desired
    •  field area is closed for maintenance
    •  field area is closed due to wet conditions
    •  field area is permitted to another user
    •  usage after dusk  
    •  use entails instruction/teaching, drills or training aids such as cones, flags, ladders, ropes, etc.
    •  officials and/or uniforms used
    •  if 12 or more users are on the field              
  3. Instruction/teaching is prohibited unless a permit is obtained or entity has City approval.
  4. Organized play (uniforms, official, etc.) not affiliated with Recreation Services Department (RSD) users, shall require a permit, RSD approved insurance and a signed Indemnification/Hold Harmless form.
  5. No person shall engage in any commercial activity for compensation, within the limits of any Parks & Recreation area, unless acting by and under the authority of the City, as per City of Boca Raton Municipal Code, Chapter 11, Article III, Sec. 11-64.
  6. Fields are to be used per their design and intended purpose.  Activities deemed dangerous, improper or that violate the designated/intended use of the facility (for example but not limited to, motorized toy cars, rocket launching, golf, etc.) are prohibited.
  7. Failure to comply with Recreation Services Department and/or City policies will result in removal from facility. 
  8. For games, leagues, tournaments, multiple or continuous usage, residency status will be determined by submitted roster, with residency being based on 66% of the group being residents.
  9. Refunds will be made for permits cancelled by the Athletics Department due to inclement weather causing field closure.
  10. Adult sports groups shall pay for field lining, if the lining does not already exist. 
  11. General Public permits: up to two uses per month, per household, permit will be based on single person residency status.
  12. For additional information or to obtain a permit, call 561-393-7826.

Field Rental Fees: (Rental Fees Include Tax)

Field rental fees for Residents and Non-Residents. *** For out of state schools, a $253.00 permit fee will be charged in addition to non-resident fees to cover long distance calls, faxes and staff time associated with collecting insurance.
Facility Resident (per hour) Non-Res. (per hour)
Baseball / Softball Field $30 $167
Soccer / Football Field
$35.75 $197
Inline Hockey Rink
$40.25 $241.50
Basketball Courts (Outdoors)  $20.25 $113.25
Volleyball Courts (Outdoors)  $20.25 $113.25
Batting Cage  
$20.25 $113.25

Miscellaneous Additional Services:

Fees for additional services.
Service Fee
Drag and line Baseball / Softball field $48
Repaint existing Soccer / Flag Football / Rugby field $130

Repaint existing Tackle Football field $177
Initial field layout - limited availability
Fee based on staff and material costs plus 10% administrative fee

2014 Agronomist Report