Community Advisory Panel

The Community Advisory Panel was created to provide a public forum in which residents may state their views, voice their concerns and express their needs regarding quality-of-life issues in the City.  The Panel is comprised of 11 members appointed for 3-year terms by the City Council.


  • Linda Marenus
  • Richard Ferranti
  • Deborah Carman
  • Theron Moore
  • Cristina Escalante
  • Nicole Fontaine
  • Amanda Mintz
  • Deborah Mintz
  • Genna Brisson
  • Matthew Waring
  • Charlene Barone

CAP Application

Youth Subcommittee

The City's Community Advisory Panel (CAP) has created a Youth Subcommittee that meets with high school and college aged students to discuss issues, challenges, and solutions related to school safety, mental health, and other quality of life issues in Boca Raton. 

 Share ideas and initiatives that impact Boca's youth!
Youth Subcommittee Application
Submit the application by email to Anne Marie Connolly at [email protected].

If there are parts of the application that do not apply to you that you cannot fill out, you may skip those parts and still submit the application. 

Questions? Concerns?

Contact Anne Marie Connolly at [email protected]

Meeting Location

Community Center Annex
260 Crawford Boulevard
Boca Raton, FL 33432


6:00 pm
2nd Thursday of the month

Meeting Schedule

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