Airport Authority

The Airport Authority has jurisdiction over operations, maintenance, and improvements at the Boca Raton Airport. The Authority, which operates independently of the City, is composed of 7 members all of whom are representatives of different entities as specified in the State legislation that created the Authority.  The term of office is 2 years. The membership consists of one member at large, one member residing west of I-95, two members residing in the County (appointed by the County Commission), and three members residing east of I-95.


City appointees:

  • Mitchell Fogel (west of I-95)
  • Gene Folden (east of I-95)
  • Bob Tucker (at large)  
  • Randy Nobles (east of I-95)  
  • Melvin Pollack ( east of I-95)

County appointees:  

  • Cheryl Budd
  • James R. Nau