Corporate Eligibility & Evaluation

Eligibility Requirements

Each financial incentive, grant and/or loan program has specific eligibility requirements and each requires the submission of a written application and financial information to the City. A presentation to and discussion with City staff and others may be required. Applications for the incentive programs will be reviewed and evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Eligibility Factors

The evaluation of each application will be based on a number of factors including, without limitation:

  • Meeting the specific program eligibility criteria
  • Number of jobs to be created and/or retained
  • Average annual salary of jobs to be created and/or retained
  • Capital investment of the company 
  • Economic impact to the City and to other companies within the City
  • Qualifications and track records of corporate owners 
  • Potential for long-term viability
  • Evaluation and analysis of corporate finances
  • Availability of funds
  • Sector/industry of the company
  • Square footage of space to be occupied 


The award of an incentive under this policy may require periodic audits and/or verification during and after the life of the incentive. If incentives are awarded based on the creation of jobs, the jobs must be maintained throughout the incentive period.

Any proprietary confidential corporate information submitted to the City as part of the incentive and grant application process, which is exempt from the public records law (provided the requirements for exemptions, such as receiving a request for the information to be kept confidential) will be kept confidential subject to and in accordance with Section 288.075, Florida Statute.