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Tap Talk: Drop 1. Water Conservation and Water Use

Understanding Water Conservation & Water Use

The City of Boca Raton as well as all areas of Palm Beach County have been experiencing an extremely dry period for the past three to four months. To put things into perspective - the precipitation for May in Palm Beach County is normally 4.91 inches, however this year the precipitation was only 0.61 inches (9th driest on record). Because of lack of rainfall, we at the Utility Services Department have seen an increase in water use of 25-35% because of the need to water lawns and landscapes. During times like this, irrigation can account for up to 70% of household water use. 

Recently, customers have been expressing concerns regarding their water use and have asked questions about our new and enhanced water bill format. To address these concerns, we have been working one-on-one with those customers to help them better understand our new bill format as well as their water use. Additionally, our team has preemptively reviewed current and historical meter readings and billing information for many accounts in areas where concerns are being raised. We are confident the meter reading and billing systems are accurately functioning. In fact, our team has found water use is in alignment with the same time last year and consistent with seasonal water use patterns.

As we continue to navigate this dry period together, we ask our customers to be mindful of their water use and help in our water conservation efforts. Learn more from Utility Services Director, Chris Helfrich by watching the video below and visit our Water Conservation page.

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