Manatee Protection

Manatees are abundant in Boca Raton. They primarily exist in the tidal waters and are mostly seen during the winter months. The State of Florida, Palm Beach County and the City support the protection of Manatees and have established Manatee Protection Zones throughout the City of Boca Raton. Manatee Protection Zones are identified with bright orange and white signage on the waterways. The signage warns boaters of the presence of Manatees and requires slower speeds.

If you see an injured Manatees or someone harming a Manatee, please call the Boca Raton Police Services Department immediately at 911 or the Florida Marine Patrol at 561-625-5122.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission also has a web site with information about laws to protect Manatees and can be found on the Florida Conservation Website.
Underwater view of a manatee swimming