Specialty Teams

  1. Dive Team
  2. EOD (Bomb) Team
  3. Honor Guard
  4. SWAT Team
  5. Drone Team

The Boca Raton Police Underwater Search and RecoveMark Caruso Testimonial ry Team's primary responsibility is the search and recovery of evidence and victims in the vast waterways. The team is comprised of certified public safety divers, who utilize a variety of dive gear specialized for public safety diving. The team utilizes Hazmat Dry suits, keeping the divers free of contaminates found in most canals and lakes.

The team consists of 8 members, who work their daily positions assigned to different areas within the Boca Raton Police Services Department. All members receive numerous hours of training and certifications to assist them in the safe operation and to provide the community with the best possible service. The unit trains two days every month and receive training from an outside agency at least once a year.

The Underwater Search and Recovery Team uses the most up-to-date technology to assist them complete their missions. Some of this gear includes a side scan sonar, an underwater ROV, underwater metal detectors and an underwater communication system.

Dive TruckPD Dive Team