Travel Safety

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, taking a few precautions can help diminish the possibility of being targeted by a criminal.
  • Remove your luggage and belongings from your car and store them in your room.
  • Secure extra cash, travelers checks, passports, airline tickets, and other valuables in the hotel safe.
  • Always close your door securely and use all locking devices provided. Never leave your door propped open, even if just for a short time.
  • Never open the door without verifying who is there.
  • If you are traveling in an unfamiliar are ask the hotel staff for directions prior to leaving for your destination.

Are You Witnessing Potential Criminal Activity?

Did you know that many criminal cases have been solved and arrests made because citizens have called the Boca Raton Police Department to report suspicious persons or activity? Your phone calls do make a difference! Call 561-368-6201 or 911 if you see any of the following:
  • People loitering or whom you don't recognize.
  • Persons lifting up door handles or looking into vehicle windows (in parking lots, at beaches, parks, schools, malls, etc.).
  • Someone attempting to hide behind trees or shrubbery.
  • Strange vehicles backed up to a garage door in a residential area.
  • Unknown persons walking behind, or seen emerging from, the rear of a home or closed business.
  • Vehicles circling or driving slowly through the area.
If it doesn't look right, it probably isn't. Call us right away. You can meet with an officer or choose to remain anonymous.