Warning Signs of Identity Theft

Identity Theft is a common term used for crimes in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another's personal information without their knowledge to commit fraud and other crimes.

Warning Signs

  • Your monthly credit card or bank statements suddenly stop arriving either by mail or email; This is a sign that your personal information, including your address / email address, may have been changed without authorization
  • You begin getting bills from companies you do not recognize or do business with
  • You receive a credit card you did not apply for
  • You are denied credit for reasons that do not match your financial position
  • A creditor calls you or send you a letter to say you have been approved or denied credit that you never applied for
  • You receive calls from collection agencies or creditors for an account you do not have
  • Financial statements show withdrawals you never made
  • You observe unusual activity on your credit report
  • You are missing checks from your checkbook. Your checks contain valuable information, such as your account number, your address and phone number. A good ID thief can use this information to open new accounts or gain access to the account you are currently using
  • You discover credit inquiry on one of your credit reports indicating that someone has applied or is attempting to apply for credit in your name