Tax Fraud

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

The IRS is responsible for administering and enforcing tax laws. Identity fraud may occur as it relates directly to your tax records. Visit the IRS website and type in the IRS key word Identity Theft for more information.

If you have an unresolved issue related to identity theft, or you have suffered or are about to suffer a significant hardship as a result of the administration of the tax laws, visit the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service website or call toll-free at 877-777-4778.

If you suspect or know of an individual or company that is not complying with the tax law, report it to the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Informant Hotline by calling toll-free at 800-829-0433, or visit the IRS website and type in the IRS key word Tax Fraud.

Boca Raton Police Involvement

Please understand while the Boca Raton Police Services Department can assist you in documenting identity theft relating to tax fraud issues, the Department cannot actively investigate these types of complaints due to the sensitive nature of IRS paperwork/investigations. After documenting the complaint with your local police department, it is necessary to also file a complaint through the IRS.