Keep Information Current or Deactivate

If you make any changes to the business - examples include location, expansion, ownership, name, nature of business operated, or add a new type of business at the same or at a different location - a new application must be filed within 15 days of the change in order to keep the account current.

Make sure Division of Corporations reflects new address.


Please follow these steps if your business ceases to operate:
  • If you cease to operate the business, you must return the Business Tax/Certificate of Use to the City of Boca Raton Business Tax Authority and notify the City in writing of the effective date that you went out of business.
  • The Division of Corporations filing must be inactivated prior to this, including Fictitious Name filings.
  • Email Division of Corporations all changes of address prior to notifying the city.
  • All signage for discontinued business must be removed within 10 days.