General Information

General information regarding Business Tax Receipts for the City of Boca Raton is provided below.

Starting a Business in Boca Raton

The City requires a Business Tax/Certificate of Use for the privilege of engaging in or managing any business, profession or occupation within its jurisdiction, pursuant to the classifications and rates as provided in the City Code.

Evidence of Being in Business

  • Anyone who sells any goods or service or solicits business or offers goods or services for sale or hire in the City shall be required to obtain a Business Tax/Certificate of Use. Non-profits must supply a 501(c)(3) for tax exemption.
  • Displaying a Sign
  • Each business advertising in any form of media.
  • Filed as a business entity with the State of Florida Division of Corporations, shall be evidence of engaging in business.
  • If any person operates a business at more than 1 location, each location shall be considered a separate business and a Business Tax/Certificate of Use shall be required for each location.

Before Applying for a Business Tax/Certificate of Use

Check these items before applying.


Before leasing space, contact the City Zoning Office to determine if the site you have selected for your business is located in the correct zoning district.

Special Licenses

Obtain required certification for your profession or business. For Example: Restaurant approval from the Florida State Division of Hotels & Restaurants; professional licenses from the Florida Dept. of Business & Professional Regulations; attorney’s bar card from the American Bar Association; contractor certification from the Florida State Construction Industry Licensing Board, etc.

Fictitious Names

File for a Fictitious Name Registration if the business will be operated under a name that is not a corporation or the person’s legal name.


Permits and plans are required before any interior or exterior alterations, construction, electrical, or plumbing work is commenced.

Sign Permits

Sign Permits are required before erecting or changing any signs.

Alarm Registrations

Commercial & Residential Alarm System Registration.