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Online Registration

The goal of the City of Boca Raton Purchasing Division is to procure materials, supplies, equipment and services at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed to provide the very best service to the public. To assist in this mission, the City has implemented a supplier online registration, bid notification and electronic bidding system. Supplier applicants will need a valid e-mail address and there is no cost involved to register, receive notifications or submit electronic bids.

To Register

To register, suppliers will use the Supplier Registration and Management Module. This module provides functionality for suppliers to register online and receive e-mail notifications for bid opportunities. At time of registration, suppliers will be required to assign a login and password to a Primary User as an authorized representative of the company. Please keep this information in a secure place. The user will be prompted to enter the login and password each time they log on to the system. Additional users may be set up after the initial registration is approved.

During Registration

During the registration, suppliers are to classify themselves by selecting the commodity codes that best describes the products or services they provide. The City intends to utilize the list of suppliers linked to a commodity list of products and services when soliciting an Invitation To Bid or a Request For Proposal. Notifications will be sent via e-mail.

After Registration

Upon completion of the registration, the Primary User may set up multiple user accounts (e-mail addresses) under a single user account. Suppliers are encouraged to utilize or set up a general mailbox in addition to any employee specific e-mail addresses, in the event the employee specific e-mail address is deactivated or no longer monitored. This practice will allow multiple e-mail addresses within your organization to receive bid notices or addenda. The Primary User can update and manage the company's account profile at any time by logging into the system. Although multiple e-mails can be set up within your organization, the City will accept only one bid response to a solicitation.

Only registered suppliers can participate in the electronic bidding process. Upon approval of your registration, an email will be sent regarding the status of your registration.

Keep Information Up to Date

Registration does not guarantee that suppliers will receive all bidding opportunities nor does it in any way promise contract awards. Suppliers are responsible for keeping their contact information up to date and may amend their registration profile at any time.

New Supplier Registration
Registered Suppliers