Key Industries

Nestled in the heart of South Florida, the City of Boca Raton stands as a dynamic city, fueled by a diverse range of key industries that drive economic growth and innovation. At the forefront of this flourishing landscape, Boca Raton proudly represents each of the following sectors, showcasing the City's commitment to excellence and collaboration, while aligning with Enterprise Florida's mission to propel our state's economy forward.

Aerospace and Aviation

From aircraft parts to training, and a host of commercial and private air services, Palm Beach County is a recognized national leader in Aviation/ Aerospace/ Engineering. Within the County, Boca Raton is home to the Boca Raton Airport, one of the premier general aviation facilities in the Southeast that averages over 83,000 operations annually. With companies supporting the manufacturing of aircraft components, engineering, technology and more, Boca Raton's commitment to the industry ensures that the skies are not the limit but rather the beginning of endless possibilities.

Notable Boca Raton Businesses

  • Aerospace Technologies Group, Inc.
  • PartsBase
  • Terran Orbital
  • VAS Aero Services
  • Xeriant Aerospace


In Boca Raton, the cleantech industry is at the forefront of sustainability and innovation. Companies within the City are dedicated to renewable energy, environmental technology, and green initiatives. Additionally, the state of Florida supports the industry through renewable energy tax incentives and additional resources. With a commitment to eco-friendly solutions, Boca Raton is driving progress towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future. 

Notable Boca Raton Businesses

  • 4Ocean
  • Blue Frontier, Inc.
  • Carbon Limit

Financial and Professional Services

Boca Raton boasts a thriving financial and professional services industry. With a strategic location, a skilled workforce, and a business-friendly environment, it has become a magnet for businesses in finance, legal services, consulting, and more. The City is home to numerous financial institutions, investment firms, and accounting companies, offering a wide range of services to local and international clients. 

Notable Boca Raton Businesses

  • Applied Card Systems
  • AE Industrial Partners
  • Bluegreen Vacations Holding
  • Janover
  • Lending One, LLC
  • New World Angels
  • Polen Capital
  • Sun Capital Partners
  • TransUnion

Information Technology

Boca Raton offers a dynamic ecosystem for the IT and communications industry. A skilled workforce and tech-friendly policies converge to create an ideal environment for innovation and growth. With access to top-notch talent, co-working spaces, and a commitment to fostering collaboration, the City caters to startups and established firms alike. 

Notable Boca Raton Businesses

  • ADT
  • Airspan Networks
  • Digital Bridge Group 
  • Orbcomm
  • Phoenix Tower International
  • Red Hawk Fire and Security
  • SBA Communications
  • Vertical Bridge

Life Sciences

Boca Raton is a flourishing hub for the life sciences and health industry, boasting an evolving network of cutting-edge research, healthcare institutions, and innovative companies. The City is home to leading biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, and renowned research centers, all dedicated to enhancing healthcare solutions and pushing the boundaries of medical science. 

Notable Boca Raton Businesses

  • ADMA Biologics
  • Cross Country Healthcare
  • CSL Plasma
  • Sensus Healthcare

Logistics and Distribution

With its strategic location in proximity to major transportation hubs, Boca Raton serves as an ideal gateway for businesses within the logistics and distribution industry. The City's well-developed infrastructure and state-of-the-art warehouses and distribution centers, allow businesses to leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance operational efficiency.  The logistics and distribution industry in Boca Raton exemplifies the City's commitment to fostering business growth and innovation, making it an ideal location for companies seeking a competitive edge in the global market.

Notable Boca Raton Businesses

  • Canon
  • Celsius Holdings, Inc.
  • Cosmetic Solutions, Inc.
  • Greenlane  
  • InBite
  • Office Depot
  • Smart for Life, Inc,
  • Surgentec, LLC

Please note: The notable businesses listed under each industry do not represent all companies located in Boca Raton within those sectors.