EHUB Registration & Application Instructions



City of Boca Raton EHUB is a web portal that offers a convenient way of applying or renewing a business tax receipt from your computer and mobile device, such as laptop or smartphones. You may also pay any business tax receipt invoice. You can access the City of Boca Raton EHUB web portal from: https:// City of Boca

You can also access EHUB on the City’s website, City of Boca Raton, by selecting “Services”, then select “Online Services” and select “Business Tax”. The screen should look similar to the image below:



By establishing an account and creating a login to EHUB, customers are provided with the tools to perform financial transactions, apply for a business tax receipt, and upload any required documents.(Federal, State licenses, site plans, certifications, workers compensation, liability insurance, Division of Corporations (Sunbiz), etc.).