2023 - 2024 Strategic Plan

The Boca Raton City Council and Leadership Team met Wednesday, May 10 through Friday, May 12, 2023 for the 2023-2024 Strategic Planning Sessions facilitated by Trina Pulliam & Melinda Miller from Trainnovations. Over the three day session, Council identified the following four Strategic Goals with six Strategic Priorities:

Goal 1: Financially Sound City
- Elevate Boca Raton as the best place to do business for attracting and retaining diversified businesses.

Goal 2: World Class Municipal Services
- Improve mobility and connectivity.
- Facilitate development and redevelopment that contribute to our quality of life and economic growth.

Goal 3: Strong Partnership with the Community
- No strategic priority identified for this year.

Goal 4: Vibrant and Sustainable City
- Create a more vibrant city center that promotes civic engagement.
- Implement workforce/attainable housing.
- Continue to implement sustainability and resiliency efforts that ensure our long-term environmental viability.

Watch the 2023-2024 Strategic Planning Sessions: