Additional Resources

Additional resources for energy efficiency incentives | Federal Income Tax Credits and Incentives for Energy Efficiency. 

  • Savings for homeowners
  • Savings for home builders
  • Savings for commercial building owners
  • ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade- resources on six high impact improvements for your home.
  • Ask the Experts – advice from ENERGY STAR experts
  • Rebate Finder by zip code | Consumer Energy Savings Hub

  • Information available on tax credits and rebates for owners, renters, and drivers. | Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency® 

  • Corporate tax credits and deductions
  • Grant and loan programs
  • Personal tax credits
  • Standards and support
  • Filter by coverage area – select Boca Raton | How much money can you get with the Inflation Reduction Act?

  • Use this calculator to determine the benefits of the IRA for which you qualify. Includes both tax credits and rebates.