Community Appearance Board

Applicant Instructions:

Please contact zoning to schedule your permit(s) to be reviewed by the Community Appearance Board. The deadline for submittal of item(s) to be on the CAB agenda is a week prior to the upcoming meeting.

  • APPLICANTS BE ADVISED: Staff will be providing all plans for the Board to review. Please note, that only plans previously submitted to the building department and reviewed by staff will be presented. Please upload the CAB application to your permit.
  • While staff will be providing all necessary plan sheets, please bring the following to the meeting:
    • Any paint and/or material samples (if applicable)
    • Photos of existing building (if applicable)
    • Photos of all exterior signage (if applicable)

Formal Recommendations

IDA/PMD formal recommendations will be scheduled for a CAB meeting contemporaneously with your IDA/PMD application.

CAB Supplemental Criteria and Procedural Rules

Master Sign Plans/Alternative Identity Signs/Architectural Review Signs

Please submit application and pay online via Boca eHUB. An invite to ePlans will be sent for upload of proposed plans for zoning review prior to scheduling of Community Appearance Board meeting.

Please see Sign Information webpage

Meeting Results Instructions 

  • Should your CAB approval have conditions and notated comments, the applicant will need to submit a correction (revised plan sheets) to the permit. These corrections may be submitted at the same time other plan review comments are being addressed.
  • Should CAB vote to postpone your item, the applicant is required to make the necessary plan corrections to the permit. Corrections must be submitted and reviewed by Zoning staff before being rescheduled for CAB. 
  • Failure to attend a CAB meeting without notifying staff will result in a $100 re-application fee when scheduling another meeting.

Meeting Location

Community Center Annex
260 Crawford Boulevard
Boca Raton, FL 33432


6:00 p.m.
Tuesday Evenings (twice a month)
Meeting Schedule
Agendas and Minutes