What is Boca eHub?

What is Boca eHUB?

Boca eHUB provides our customers online access to the City's permitting and planning related information. The online software allows users to apply for planning, permitting, and business tax receipt applications, request inspections, pay invoices, and follow along with your application status.

How do I access Boca eHub?

All customers can access Boca eHUB through the internet (Google Chrome is recommended for optimal use). 

What information can I find in Boca eHub?

Certain information can be searched and viewed without registering a Boca eHub account. You can search for and view public records related to permits, plans, inspections, code cases and business tax receipts. Boca eHub has a search function and a map feature that allows users to explore and search for information via the map.

How do I create a Boca eHub account?

Registering a Boca eHub account is required in order to apply for a planning, permit, or business tax receipt application, request an inspection or to pay an invoice. You can instantly register an account by going to the login section in the top right corner of the webpage by clicking on “Guest” and selecting “Register." Enter your email, and follow the instructions in your email to verify. After verifying, fill in your contact information.

How can I update my account information?

You can update your account information, such as “Personal Info” and “Addresses” that you entered when you created your Boca eHub account at any time by accessing the “My Account” page from the login section in the top right corner of the webpage. You must first log in to the system to see the “My Account” option in the drop-down list when clicking on your name. 

You can also add any optional information under “Personal Info” and “Addresses” you may have skipped during the initial registration process in the “My Account” page. 

What is the Dashboard?

As a registered Boca eHub user, you have access to your very own Dashboard which you can access by clicking on “Dashboard” on the home page's main header menu. 

The Dashboard allows users to see a visual representation of all your permits, plans, inspections, business tax receipts and invoices. The dashboard displays data that is relevant to the logged in user based on applications they have submitted or cases they were added to as a contact.