Sustainable Events Guide

Make your event sustainable!

The City of Boca Raton is hard at work making City events more eco-friendly.

By actions such as creating regulations on the use of polystyrene foam, balloons, and confetti, to providing water bottle refill stations at most venues, the City is making it easier to host a responsible event.

Join Us. Follow these simple guidelines and make your next event a sustainable one.

Why should you host a sustainable event?

  • Make your event easier to get to by encouraging alternative transportation!
  • Make your event more pleasant to enjoy by reducing litter and pollutants!
  • Make your event stand out from others!

 Sustainable Events Brochure cover click for pdf Opens in new window

Guides for all event types and sizes!

Just a reminder, balloons, confetti, and polystyrene are restricted for any events on City property. Learn more and find alternatives on the City's website.