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The Spanish River Library & Community Center, with its breathtaking lakeside setting, is a popular location for weddings, meetings, receptions, parties, and other special events. Rooms are reserved on a first-reserved, first-served basis, and may be applied for by completing a Special Events Request Form. Room arrangements are flexible; please discuss your needs with the Library's Event Coordinator. ROOMS WILL BE SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Spanish River Library

1501 NW Spanish River Boulevard



Special Event Request Form
Rental Fees: Non-Profit Organizations (501(c) certificate required; 
66% of the membership must reside within City limits; may book a space once per month for a maximum of 12 meetings per calendar year; if additional space is needed, it may be booked at the non-profit non-resident rates)

 During Library Hours: City Residents
 Meeting Room (East & West)N/C$127
 Meeting Room EastN/C$101
 Meeting Room West (with kitchen)N/C$101
 Conference RoomN/C$76
 Rooftop Terrace*$353$707
 Lakeside Patio*$453$904
 Deposit for Roof Top Terrace, Mezzanine and Lakeside Patio$200$200
 Starting Before or Ending After Library Hours:
 Meeting Room (East & West)$127$253
 Meeting Room East$101$182
 Meeting Room West (with kitchen)$101$182
 Rooftop Terrace*$530$1,052
 2nd Floor Gallery$76$152
 Lakeside Patio*$830$1,663
 Deposit for Roof Top Terrace, Mezzanine and Lakeside Patio$200$200

Rental Fees: For-Profit Organizations (including weddings, meetings, and private events)

 During Library Hours:City Residents
 Meeting Room (East & West)$152$303
 Meeting Room East$101$202
 Meeting Room West (with kitchen)$101$202
 Conference Room$101$177
 Rooftop Terrace*$605$1,026
 Lakeside Patio*$905$1,805
 Deposit for Roof Top Terrace, Mezzanine and Lakeside Patio$500$500
 Starting Before or Ending After Library Hours:  
 Meeting Room (East & West)$253$505
 Meeting Room East$177$354
 Meeting Room West (with kitchen)$177$354
 Rooftop Terrace*$1,005$1,848
 2nd Floor Gallery$152$303
 Lakeside Patio*$1,155$2,317
 Deposit for Roof Top Terrace, Mezzanine and Lakeside Patio$500$500

*Dressing Room included with this use.

  • There is an additional $35.00 application fee per yearly use permit (non-refundable).
  • There is an additional $40.00 per hour Custodial fee with a 3-hour minimum before and after Library hours.
  • Room deposits are refundable if notice is given at least 30 days in advance.
 Equipment Rental Items for Spanish River Library:
Banquet Chairs - per chair3.75
Banquet Tables - per table7.50
Banquet Serving Tables - per table11.00
High-top Tables - per table 6.00
Half-round Table13.00
Stage (Indoor Use Only)76.00
Podium with Microphones31.00
A/V Carts (Projector, Blu-ray player, Speakers)31.00
Touch Screen Presentation TV (Whiteboard, PowerPoint, Web)51.00
Conference Phone26.00

Pricing as of October 1, 2023