Little Wonders and Nature Detectives Videos

(Videos are from July 2020 - May 2021)

Little Wonders and Nature Detectives are now being offered as in-person programs, but our virtual program recordings are still available for your little naturalists to learn from and enjoy!

Masters of Disguise

Join us for May's program to learn about camouflage and discover how some animals are able to disguise themselves to hide from predators or sneak up on their next meal!

Beaming Butterflies!

Join us for April's program to learn about where butterflies come from, and the things they do to keep our gardens thriving!

Celebrating Sea Turtles!

Join us for March's program to celebrate the start of sea turtle nesting season.  Learn about these amazing animals and how we can do our part to protect them.

For the Love of Bugs!

Join us for February's program to learn about some of nature's smallest creatures, and learn to love and appreciate the incredible insects that are such an important part of our natural world.

Shark and Ray Science

Join us for January's program as we learn about these captivating creatures and their one-of-a-kind characteristics!

Creatures of the Night... Hoo's Around?

Join us for December's topic, Creatures of the Night, to learn about the coolest nocturnal animals around, owls!

The Colors of Nature!

Join us in November for fun with Colors in Nature!  Colors are not only beautiful; they are important to wildlife.  Do you know why?

Creepy Crawlies!

Join us in October for a virtual nature exploration about Creepy Crawlies!  What will we discover?  Spiders, snakes, bugs? Find out which creepy critters are not so scary and are even helpful to people!

Tracking Through Nature - Whose Footprint is that?

Join us virtually as we discover the different tracks that animals leave behind! Follow along with our craft demonstration, story-time read aloud, and exploration to continuing to develop your inner explorer in identifying animal tracks that give us great clues to know what cool creatures we have around!

What’s for Dinner? - Learn about Food Chains

Please note that the craft kits for this theme are sold out.

Rooting for Plants - Why Plants are Important

Please note that the craft kits for this theme are sold out.