Recycling at the Library

Keep commonly thrown-away items out of the landfill! Both libraries have three different TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes where you can deposit your items. Once the boxes are full, the library’s Green Team will ship them to the TerraCycle company to be recycled into new, usable items! Presented in partnership with the City’s Office of Sustainability and Friends of the Boca Raton Public Library.

Items you can recycle:

TerraCycle Eyewear BoxEyewear
Deposit any brand and size of glasses, goggles, sunglasses, or other eyewear. This includes broken spectacles, sunglasses, glasses, ski goggles, safety glasses, and swim goggles. Do not recycle eyeglass chains, cases, wipes, contacts, contact solution, or eyewear cleaning products.

TerraCycle Toys BoxToys
Deposit any item used for play, including electronic toys. This includes toys or toy pieces, cards, dice, game boards, packaging from board games, books with sound, handheld electronic games and players, remote control vehicles, electronic stuffed animals, baby toys, building sets, stuffed animals, puzzle pieces, game pieces, and action figures.

TerraCycle Office Supplies BoxOffice Supplies
Deposit any non-electronic item or tool used in your office. This includes tape dispensers, desk organizers, card and document filers, binders, calendars, labels, staplers, hole punchers, dividers, paper cutters, correction supplies, pens/pencils/markers, fasteners, paper clips, staples, binder clips, and sticker and label sheet backing. Do not recycle e-waste like electronic staplers and label making machines.

Recycling containerPaper, Plastic, Cans
Receptables for recycling paper, plastic, and cans are also available at the entrance to both libraries.