Resident Resources

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At the heart of our vibrant community lies commitment to supporting our residents in every way possible. Whether you're a long-time resident or new to the City, staff is here to ensure that you have easy access to a wide range of services and resources to enhance your quality of life. 

This webpage serves as a resource for residents with information related to City government services, programs, initiatives, projects, and more. 

If you should have any questions that are not covered on this page, please do not hesitate to call 561-393-7700.

  1. City Limits
  2. City Services 411
  3. In Case of an Emergency
  4. Stay Connected

Although you have a Boca Raton address, it doesn't necessarily mean you live in the City limits. Parts of Boca Raton are considered to be in unincorporated Palm Beach County and are serviced by the County. Check out the City limits map to see if you're within the City's boundaries.