Single Use Plastic Reduction

Join the City of Boca Raton to reduce single use plastic!

Learn more! 

Visit the Downtown Library and pick up a book on low waste living, reducing plastic use, and a wide variety of other environmental topics. Listen to the podcast and the webinar below.

Learn about the safety of reusable items and COVID-19.

These days we are all more cautious than usual in ways we may be vulnerable to spreading disease. Single use items are not always the answer! Reusable masks can be used safely and reusable items, if properly washed and limited contact, can be used just as safely as disposable products. Do what makes you most comfortable, but according to health experts in a statement released in early July, both disposable and reusable items share a similar and low risk for disease transmission. When using reusable items precautions can be taken to make them as or more safe than disposables such as making sure they are properly washed and instituting no-touch practices for reusable items being brought in from the outside. Read the full statement.

Learn about the City's Waste Reduction ordinance.

 In June of 2021 the City passed a waste reduction ordinance which aims to reduce litter and pollution from polystyrene foam as well as from balloons and confetti. Learn more and learn about alternatives on the City's website. 

Learn more about Gumbo Limbo Nature Center's REFUSE campaign