Community Clean Up Buckets

In October 2019, Gumbo Limbo Nature Center rescued a baby turtle that had washed up along the coastline. Unfortunately, due to its injuries, it did not survive. The rehabilitation team discovered that the tiny turtle, which would fit in the palm of your hand, had also eaten 104 tiny pieces of plastic. Recreation Service's Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and Ocean Rescue teams created a concept to encourage beachgoers to help keep our oceans plastic free.

The Community Coastal Clean Up Program, encourages residents and visitors to grab a bucket and help clean our beaches by picking up trash and pieces of plastic (big and small) that pollute our beautiful oceans and hurt our marine life. 

The simple process requires 5 steps (see the video below):

  1. Grab a bucket from one of the three locations in front of a lifeguard tower
  2. Pick up trash (when in doubt, leave it out)
  3. Throw your trash into the nearest trash can
  4. Return the bucket to its location in front of the lifeguard tower
  5. And celebrate! The ocean thanks you!

Beachgoers can find these buckets in front of Lifeguard Towers 4, 9 and 16. Do your part in helping keep our coastal community healthy and clean!