Mizner Park Amphitheater Stage Doors Mural

Stage Door Mural Art at Mizner Park AmphitheaterIn order to enhance the City’s art in public places initiative, the Boca Raton City Council identified the Mizner Park Amphitheater stage doors as a mural location for the project in October 2020. The intention was to select an artist(s) who could create an expressive, inspiring mural on the stage doors that was reflective of Downtown Boca and the spirit of the City’s art, history and culture. The stage doors large-scale “canvas” area is approximately 30' high by 60' wide (comprised of six panels approximately 10' wide/each) and is a focal point for visitors to Downtown Boca and Mizner Park.

Thank you to artist Eduardo Mendieta who envisioned and created the beautiful, new artwork for the whole community to enjoy. The mural is called "On Stage". 

Head downtown to the Mizner Park Amphitheater to experience it for yourself.

Meet the Artist

Originally from Union City, NJ, Eduardo Mendieta has been living in Florida for the last 26 years. His passion for the artsEduardo Mendieta started at a young age, painting graffiti on abandoned buildings and walls. This opened his mind to playing with the idea of scale and design, and also the concept of public art. Now, locally known as "EMO" for painting large-scale murals utilizing brush & roller, paint sprayer, and spray paint technique, this passion developed into a blend of raw urban art and graphic design that has become his signature style. In recent years, Eduardo has gained recognition creating many large-scale murals and curating projects in West Palm Beach and throughout South Florida.