Ready. Steady. Boca! Together, let's do our part to keep our community healthy

It has now been over a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted City of Boca Raton residents and businesses alike. Throughout the pandemic, we have been committed to basing our decisions on the science and data related to this disease and communicating our actions to the public openly and transparently. As we continue to put the health and welfare of our community first, we continue to use our area's positivity rate and vaccination numbers as safety guidelines to make decisions for the well-being of our City. 

As we strive toward "herd immunity," many restrictions have been lifted giving us an indication of hope that the pandemic is coming to an end. However, we must remain vigilant as a community and continue to make health and safety a top priority. We urge our residents to continue to use common sense to help prevent the spread of the virus and treat those around you, particularly in public spaces, with respect and kindness until we are fully back to normal. 

Thank you to our community for helping to keep our community healthy and safe. We are Ready. We are Steady. We are Boca!


READY - After a long pause, we have slowly restarted as a community. Local businesses and organizations have assessed, planned, and prepared to welcome people back safely.  City services were modified to accommodate social distancing, and facial coverings were required in public. With safeguards in place, we stood ready to reopen in a measured way using science and data to make decisions for the health and safety of our community. 


STEADY – A steadfast approach benefits us all. Historically, Boca Raton has enjoyed steady growth, steady investment, a steady increase in jobs, and a steady upward trend. As a community, we continue to proceed with caution toward a steady, sustainable recovery.

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BOCA! – Our City’s name reflects an action, enthusiasm, and vibrancy that says Go! Our community is strong and committed to moving forward. We are looking forward to rediscovering the City we know and love by continuing to support local businesses and committing, together, to a culture of health.

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