Public Bid Openings (I.T.B.)





  1. Intent.

The intent of these Virtual Public Meeting procedures (“Procedures”) is to conduct official business in accordance with Florida Statutes and/or to meet the requirements of the Procurement Code of the City of Boca Raton. It is the intent of the City to provide an equitable and efficient method to provide public access to all matters that are to be addressed through public meetings (“Proceedings”).

Sealed Bids will be publicly opened in the Purchasing Office, City Hall, 201 W. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, FL or other designated area.  The public Bid opening will also be made available using CMT.

Pre-bid meetings will be made available using CMT.


  1. Definitions.

The following words, terms and phrases, when used in these Procedures, and notwithstanding any other definitions in the City Code, shall have the following meaning:


Attendees.  shall mean members of the general public, Bidders and City employees who wish to view Proceedings via CMT.


Virtual Public Meeting Procedures and Technical Information for CMT Meetings.  The technical information for CMT Meetings (utilizing the Go To Meeting platform/Application (“App”)), as detailed below, and a copy of these Procedures shall be posted on the City website at:  Current Bid Opportunities,


  1. General Procedures.
  2. Proceedings.  The Proceeding will be held through the use of CMT (electronic transmission of printed material, audio, full-motion video, freeze-frame video, compressed video, and digital video by any method available, as provided in Section 120.54(5)(b)(2), Florida Statutes), which is accessible to all Attendees, to the extent technologically practicable.
  3. Attendance.  The Purchasing Division will make its best efforts to take attendance at a Proceeding, to the extent technologically practicable through the CMT.
  4. In the event the City’s CMT malfunctions during the Proceeding for a pre-bid meeting, the Purchasing Division shall use its best efforts to address the malfunctions, but may need to reschedule the Proceeding.  If the Proceeding is rescheduled, the City will re-notice the Proceeding.  In the event the City’s CMT malfunctions during the Proceeding for a public bid opening, the Purchasing Division shall use its best efforts to address the malfunctions, however the public bid opening will go forward as scheduled.  Malfunction of an Attendee’s CMT equipment, including, but not limited to computer and/or telephone, shall not result in re-scheduling of the Proceeding.


  1. Technical Information for CMT Proceedings.

The Bid package will include instructions, as detailed below, for accessing Proceedings using CMT, which instructions will also be available on the City’s website at: Current Bid Opportunities,

(a)    Public Bid Openings – Please note that Attendees may view and/or listen to the opening of the Bids but may not participate, or provide comments, or ask questions.

(b)    Pre-bid Meetings – Attendees will be provided the opportunity to participate in the pre-bid meeting. The presenter will identify at the start of the pre-bid meeting the breaks that will be made for questions. The Chat log may also be used to ask a question.


  1. Technical Information for CMT.
  • Mute:   Attendees will be automatically placed in Listen Only (mute) mode during the Meeting.  The Meeting organizer (Staff) will control mute/unmute.
  • Live Video: Attendees will have their video capabilities automatically placed on off mode.
  • Attendance:   In order to keep a log with attendance, all Attendees are requested to type their name and the name of the supplier/contractor represented, if any, under the chat feature.
  • First Time Using Go To Meeting:   Attendees may get the Go to Meetings App in advance by clicking on the link provided below.

Go To Meeting Application: 

Insertion of Go to Meeting links 

Bid Opening: