Boca Earth Week


This April 22 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. This year, let’s practice sus”stay-in”ability by celebrating together virtually! 

Join the City of Boca Raton’s Office of Sustainability and Recreation Services Department starting on April 20 for fun daily activities all week to celebrate, learn about, and protect the Earth! 

Take part, share your actions on social media, tag them #LoveBocaRaton, and you may be featured on the City’s website and the next newsletter! 

Day 1

🚪🌿🌼 The perfect way to welcome spring into our homes! Follow the steps to create a decorative natural door wreath. Don’t have a yard or not going outside? Create a wreath from repurposed materials around your house. Share your photos with #lovebocaraton

✔️ STEP 1: Gather sticks, leaves, & flowers from your yard or picked up on a walk
✔️ STEP 2: Sort your natural treasures
✔️ STEP 3: Cut a base for your wreath out of cardboard or plastic
✔️ STEP 4: Pre-arrange the items around your base—get creative!
✔️ STEP 5: Glue the wreath items to the base
✔️ STEP 6: Hang your wreath on your door and welcome spring into your home!

Day 2

BINGO! Earth Week is about celebrating our shared home and it is also about taking some action to protect it. Kick off Boca Earth Week by selecting some green actions to do around your house. Reduce your energy or water consumption, learn more about a topic, or create something from your waste! Once you have BINGO, share your actions on social media with #lovebocaraton

✔️ STEP 1: Head to social media and grab your game board, adult or kid’s edition.
✔️ STEP 2: Choose actions to put in place over Earth Week.
✔️ STEP 3: Check out the tips and resources below to learn more.
✔️ STEP 4: Document your actions and post on social media!

Bingo game board actions listed in text below

  • Turn down water heater one degree. (Learn more at
  • Turn up your thermostat one degree. (Learn more energy saving tips at
  • Drink tap water. (Water quality in Boca Raton)
  • Sign up to pay bills online.
  • Learn about solar energy.
  • Keep lights off during the day.
  • Turn water off while washing your hands. (learn how from
  • Set up a compost bin.
  • Regrow vegetables (tips from
  • Plant a garden
  • Learn about the history of Earth Day from
  • Watch Troubled Waters: A Turtles Tale from WLRN.
  • Learn about the science of Climate Change from The CLEO Institute.
  • Learn about the solutions to climate change from
  • Learn about local climate action with  The Invading Sea project.
  • Be mindful in nature. Try an activity from
  • Pick up litter in your neighborhood.
  • Separate clothes to donate.
  • Repurpose old clothes into rags.
  • Fix something broken.
  • Conduct a waste audit with help from Earth911
  • Eat a plant based meal as part of the  Meatless Monday movement (it doesn’t have to be on Monday).
  • Learn to Recycle Right with the Solid Waste Authority.
  • Unplug electronics to stop vampire power.

Bingo game board kids actions in text below

  • Turn off lights when you leave a room.
  • Turn off water when you wash your hands.
  • Turn off water when you brush your teeth.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath.
  • Drink water from the tap, not a plastic bottle!
  • Make artwork from recycled material.
  • Find three different shaped leaves and make rubbings.
  • Build a birdhouse.
  • Learn the names of three birds you can see outside.
  • Observe a food web in your yard.
  • Do a science project with Sugar Sand Park.
  • Do a waste audit! Find out how at
  • Reduce single use plastic, learn more with National Geographic Kids.
  • Learn about pollution with National Geographic Kids.
  • Go for a walk
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Read a book!
  • Plant a seed.
  • Listen in your yard, what do you hear?
  • Build a fort with cardboard
  • Learn from NASA climate kids.
  • Take a Save the Earth Quiz from National Geographic Kids
  • Watch a nature documentary.
  • Learn at Home with Gumbo Limbo Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.

Day 3face made from leaves and flowers

On Earth Day, turn off your lights for one hour starting at 8:00pm. With all of us staying in, we are using more electricity than normal at our homes. Give the Earth a break for one hour. What will you do for one hour in the dark? Go outside and see the stars? Listen mindfully to the nighttime nature around you? Read by candlelight? Tell scary stories? Take a photo and post with #lovebocaraton

Day 4

Tired of how you look on Zoom? Try how you look in bloom! Create a self portrait using leaves, sticks and flowers from your yard or walks.  Don’t have a yard or not going outside? Create a self portrait from repurposed materials around the house. We dare you to make it your profile picture and tag #lovebocaraton

Day 5

Become an iNaturalist! Now is a great time to get to know all the plants and critters in your yard and neighborhood. Don’t worry, you can get help with identifications! Download the iNaturalist app and start making observations in your yard. The iNaturalist community, including novices, enthusiasts, and experts, will help you to identify what you see.  

Day 6

🌎♻️🌿 This week marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Today, let’s get a little retro with a twist on a “trash”ion show! Make yourself an outfit using recycled material, bonus points if it would have been a groovy look back in 1970! Take pictures and tag them #LoveBocaRaton 

Day 7

🌿🌼 For the final day or Earth Week, let us take you on a scavenger hunt! Grab your binoculars and a nature journal and head to your backyard! Can you find everything on the list? Use iNaturalist to add your observations to the iNaturalist community. Take some photos and tag them #lovebocaraton.

✔️ Two trees with different lead shapes.
✔️ A plant with flowers.
✔️ A plant with fruit.
✔️ A weed you find pretty.
✔️ A native plant.
✔️ An exotic plant.
✔️ An edible plant.
✔️ A seed.
✔️ A plant that attracts butterflies.
✔️ A flying insect.
✔️ An insect that crawls.
✔️ A reptile.
✔️ A spiderweb.
✔️ A mammal.
✔️ Three birds