Virtual Meeting Instructions

Virtual Meeting

Instructions on how to participate

Instructions on how to participate in a Virtual Public Meeting as an attendee are below. 

To Participate in a Virtual Public Meeting

arrow circleVia GoToWebinar - Go to and select the meeting you want to attend. Follow the on-screen prompts. (If you need additional guidance, visit

keyboardTo submit written comments during the meeting, use the “ask a question” function (provide your name and address, then your written comment).

icon person raising handTo speak during the meeting, electronically "raise your hand" during consideration of the appropriate agenda item. When you are recognized by the meeting organizer, unmute your speaker or phone, provide your name and address, and then your comments (5 minute limit).

icon computer monitorWant to use PowerPoint or similar presentation, or submit any materials? Email to no later than 12 hours prior to the start of the meeting. Materials must be scanned for security purposes, so we will not be able to accept PowerPoint presentations and similar computer-based materials later than 12 hours prior to the start of the meeting.

Additional in-person participation

In addition to virtual participation by members of the public, in-person participation will be available at the In-Person Participation Venue indicated in the Virtual Public Meeting Notice. In-person participation will be subject to the following protocols: 

  • The meetings will be held virtually, and virtual public participation will continue to be available through the virtual meeting procedures (utilizing communications media technology). 
  • Individuals who wish to participate in person may view the meeting in the Venue and will be provided an opportunity to provide comments from the Venue during public participation portions of the meeting. 
  • In-person participants are strongly encouraged to wear a mask while in the Venue. Seating in the Venue may be limited (in addition, City staff coordinating the virtual meeting will be in Venue). 
  • Overflow seating will be coordinated in adjacent areas if necessary (and to the extent available and/or practical). 
  • The virtual meeting will be displayed on a video screen in the Venue and will be made available via video and/or audio to overflow seating areas if necessary (and to the extent available and/or practical).

Public Comment

In-person virtual meeting attendees will be able to offer comments during public portions of the meeting (such as on agenda items or during public requests) using a microphone or other communications media technology provided in the Venue. The City Clerk and/or staff coordinating the meeting will first invite those attending the meeting virtually to comment using the communications media technology software. When the virtual attendees have spoken, in-person attendees will be provided an opportunity to speak. 

Additional virtual and/or in-person speakers will be accommodated as necessary. Public comments, whether virtual or in-person, are limited to one 5-minute opportunity per speaker per item.

To Listen to or View the Virtual Public Meeting

icon hearLISTEN 

  • Option 1: Dial the toll free conference number. The specific meeting conference call in number and attendee code are on the public webinar page.
  • Option 2: Tune radio to AM station 1650 (WPQJ).

icon eye watchWATCH

  • Option 1: Livestream:
  • Option 2: Television:
    • Comcast Channel 20, (within City limits)
    • AT&T U-Verse Channel 99 (within Palm Beach County)
    • Hotwire Channel 395 (within Palm Beach County)

To Send Public Comments Via Email

icon emailEmail (including your name and address, and your comment), up until two hours before the starting time of the meeting. The full email will be reviewable by the City Council members or CRA Commissioners as part of the record. Emails received late will be made part of the record.