COVID-19 City FAQs

UPDATED: December 31, 2020 (9:50am)

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For more information about the State’s Safe. Smart. Step by Step Plan for Florida’s Recovery, view the following documents:

Contact Information


  • Palm Beach County Information and Resources webpage
  • Palm Beach County Information Line (Open Daily 8am - 6pm): 561-712-6400 or email
  • Contact the COVID Education Compliance Team at:


  • Florida Department of Health Information and Resources webpage
  • For important updates and information on COVID-19 in Florida, text FLCOVID19 to 888-77.
  • COVID-19 Call Center Available 24/7: 1-866-779-6121 or email
  • Report Price Gouging Call: 1-866-9NO-SCAM


  • City of Boca Raton COVID-19 updates
  • Citizens Information Center (CIC): 561-982-4900 open Monday - Friday from 9am - 4pm for questions.
  • Boca Raton Police Services Non-Emergency Number: 561-368-6201 (Please do not call for general questions. Refer to FAQ page below or CIC. Please only call if you require a police officer for a non-emergency situation). 
  1. STATE OF FLORIDA | What does Palm Beach County entering Phase 3 mean?
  2. PALM BEACH COUNTY | Is Palm Beach County's emergency order still in effect?
  3. BEACHES | Are beaches and beach parks open in Boca Raton?
  4. BEACHES | Is the Dog Beach open?
  5. BOATS | Is the Silver Palm Park boat ramp open?
  6. BOATS | Is recreational boating permitted?
  7. BUILDING | Is the City's Building Department still conducting inspections?
  8. BUILDING | Is the City's Building Department open?
  9. BUILDING | Can I drop off new permits at the City's Building Department drop box with plans?
  10. BUILDING | How do I make payments to the Building Department?
  11. BUSINESSES | What businesses are allowed to operate?
  12. BUSINESSES | My business was impacted by COVID-19, are there resources available?
  13. BUSINESSES | How do I report a business that is not following State/County social distancing and mask mandates for COVID-19 safety?
  14. CHILDCARE | Is there financial assistance for childcare in Palm Beach County?
  15. CITY COUNCIL | Are CRA, City Council Workshops and City Council meetings being held?
  16. FACIAL COVERINGS | Am I required to wear facial coverings?
  17. MORTGAGE, RENTAL & FOOD ASSISTANCE | Can Boca Raton residents get financial assistance for food, rent and utilities?
  18. PARKING | Who do I contact about parking enforcement/ticket issues?
  19. PARKS | Are parks open?
  20. POLICE | Is the Police Department open?
  21. POLICE | Is the Police Department doing VIN checks, car seat checks or fingerprinting?
  22. POLICE | How do I get a copy of my police report?
  23. TESTING | Where is the nearest COVID-19 testing site?
  24. TRI-RAIL | Is the City still operating its shuttle service from the Tri-Rail station through the Park at Broken Sound?
  25. TRI-RAIL | What is the current schedule for Tri-Rail?
  26. UNEMPLOYMENT | How can I apply for unemployment due to COVID-19?
  27. UTILITY | Does COVID-19 impact my water/wastewater?
  28. UTILITY | How do I get my water turned off at the meter so I can do a repair?
  29. UTILITY | I’m moving in/moving out, how do I get my water turned on/off?
  30. UTILITY | Who do I contact about my water bill?
  31. VACCINE | Where can I find the most recent information on Vaccine distribution?
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