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"Listening is where love begins: listening to ourselves and then to our neighbors."
-Fred Rogers, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

Cartoon of man with beard waving and smilingHello, neighbor and congratulations!

You’ve moved off campus and into your own place in Boca Raton! Here’s some information and a few resources to help you be a good neighbor and adjust to off-campus life.

Code Enforcement Violations

Violation of City Ordinances (laws) can result in fines. Knowing the laws = saving $.

Visit Code Enforcement for more information. City ordinances can be found on the City’s Municode website.

Turn it down please. Cartoon woman pluggin her ears with an angry face.Limit boisterous, excessive or unusually loud noise from the premises. We aren’t saying don’t have fun, but be courteous of your neighbors when it comes to noise.

Did You Know?
Noise is one of the top reasons police are called.

Don't be trashy. Cartoon sanitation working waving.

Sanitation and Bulk / Vegetation

Take Out the Trash

Your neighbors don’t want to see a messy house. Remove trash & litter, garbage, solid waste and/or bulk items from the property.

Do not place items out for collection earlier than 24 hours prior to or after the collection day. Seriously... don’t be the person that leave their trash and recycling bins out for days.

Need to Know Your Pick Up Days?

Visit Sanitation for your garbage, bulk, vegetation & recycling days, plus other important information regarding your sanitation services.

Recycling Tip: Greasy pizza boxes can’t be recycled. Put them with your normal garbage.

Got roommates? Cartoon people smiling with their arms around each other.

Only 3 unrelated residents are permitted to live in a single family residence.

In Friends, no more than three of them ever lived together. If Monica, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Phoebe and Rachel could manage that, so can you.

Are you responsible for mowing the lawn? Cartoon of man mowing lawn.

Maintain property free of grass and weeds in excess of 8 inches.

You also need to keep the right-of-way (street/swale & sidewalk) free of prohibited objects and obstruction.

Parking. Cartoon of man leaning against car.


No parking on unapproved or unpermitted parking areas within a neighborhood. That means don’t park on the grass in the front lawn.

What about on the Right-of-Way?

There is no parking on the paved portion (street / sidewalk) right-of-way. Neighborly Tips: Ask your neighbor before parking your car in their driveway or in front of / on the

What’s a right-of-way?
Right-of-way is a type of easement on your property that is owned by someone else, like the City or a utility company. Make sure your parked vehicles aren’t blocking sidewalks and roads.

What if your vehicle is inoperable / wrecked?

Repair, attach a current and valid tag to the vehicle or remove the vehicle from your property.

Have a pet? Cartoon of woman walking dog.

Attention Pet Owners!

Be a good pet owner and keep your furbaby on a leash. Also... pick up their poop!

Fines for animals off leash: $25 for first offense, $50 for second offense, and $100 for third offense.

Leash free! Cartoons of dogs.

Bark Beach at Spanish River Park
3001 N. State Road A1A
between Towers 18 & 20

Mizner Bark Dog Park
751 Banyan Trail

Residents are required to have a permit for entrance to both parks. Visit Bark Beach at Spanish River Park or Mizner Bark Dog Park for pricing and how to purchase.

Things to do in Boca Raton

Things to Do in Boca Raton

Looking for something to do in Boca Raton? The city is home to over 100 restaurants and bars, cultural arts events, yoga in the park, concerts, museums, parks, shopping and more! Click the links below to find something to do!