Office of Innovation


The Boca Raton Office of Innovation is a strategic department focused on the application of Smart City technologies and growing the overall technology ecosystem in our city.


Promote innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in Boca Raton. Champion the establishment of Boca Raton as Smart City and Innovative Ecosystem.

SMART Cities

How we define SMART Cities:

A city that utilizes technology, data and other innovations to grow its economy, engage the community, improve services, improve government efficiency and enhance quality of life.

Icons showing the parts of a Smart City including waste management, smart energy, education, smart c

Areas of Exploration:

  • Open Data
  • 5G
  • IOT Technology
  • Smart Mobility
  • Artificial Intelligence and more

Innovation Ecosystem (Tech Hub)

How we define Innovation Ecosystem:

Diverse ecosystem of participants and resources working together to launch and accelerate innovation.

Innovation Ecosystem consisting of Startup innovation, support organizations, funding solutions, cus

Areas of Exploration:

  • Strengthening relationships and supporting existing Innovation Programs
  • Attracting new Innovation Programs and partners to grown our ecosystem
  • Partner to Market and Promote the Boca Raton Tech Ecosystem