Innovation Office

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The City of Boca Raton has a rich history of innovation. From being the original headquarters of IBM where the personal computer was invented, to more recent successes like ModMed to exciting new startups like STRAX Intelligence, Honorlock and Guident.  The City continues to accelerate growth through innovation to not only enhance the economy but transform our ecosystem.

As a city, we are now looking to build upon the strong foundation of our existing economic network. Under the Office of Economic Development, the Office of Innovation is leading the development and execution of a city-wide strategy that focuses on accelerating the Boca Raton start-up and technology ecosystem.

We are positioning ourselves to take a leadership role within South Florida as a vibrant “hub” for developing high-potential, tech-focused startups through the creation of strategic programs and partnerships. We believe that by gathering the combined knowledge, network and relative resources of local government, academia, corporations, and venture capital, this will yield higher and faster success rates for these innovative startups and create increased investment and other business opportunities for our current corporate and venture community partners.

Our Mission

Promote innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in Boca Raton. Champion the establishment of Boca Raton as a innovative technology and start-up ecosystem.

Priority Projects

Innovation Website - Connected Ecosystem

Growing and accelerating a technology ecosystem requires strategic partnerships and broad alignment across ecosystem stakeholders to achieve sustainable growth and lasting success. 

We're focused on connecting the tech ecosystem resources and mapping them to company stage so it's easier for entrepreneurs to navigate and get the help they need to create and scale new businesses.

Innovation Website - Embracing Emerging Technologies

We embrace and nurture innovators and entrepreneurs with new ground-breaking ideas and disruptive technologies by supporting programs and initiatives to make innovation a reality. 

In collaboration with the tech ecosystem, we keep the pulse on emerging technologies that can transform and reshape the world in which we live and work. 

Innovation Website - Championing Entrepreneurship

We strive to have an entrepreneurial culture where anyone with an idea and passion can easily start and scale a business within the City. Whether you're a student, or at a point in your life considering becoming an entrepreneur, we are here as a committed community to support your success from the idea stage, scale-up and growth of your business.